Sunday, 30 October 2011


In my media lessons i have learnt many basic knowledge of how media works. I have learnt different styles of camera works, how to take good shots and what these shot will mean to the audience. Media is not just to do with recording there is many more things to know, for instance editing the videos made, adding the soundtrack that will flow with the storyline of the video you have made. I have learnt that planning is the most important factor in media and without this you can’t get the best outcome.

This is the link to my new thriller blog, which will have my new work i will be doing throughout this year.
Thanks for taking your time to look through my work.

Monday, 10 October 2011

Good and Bad shots

In this lesson we were looking at different camera shots. We were looking at different good shots and bad shots; this will make us improve on our final video we make at the end of the year. By doing this task it will enable us to understand how we should take pictures/videos with applying the rule of thirds is a guideline, which the frame your shots in a way that shows your actors fitting correctly on screen and making the  audience feel comfortable whilst viewing your film.

Preliminary Task Pre-Production

I am working with Anugan and Aymen in a group of 3. We will be making a simple scene, which has a simple storyline but contains many different camera shots and with different angles. The story is a about a student who is insulted by another student from school. And what the student does when he finds out, that his class mate has been talking about his mother.

This video will contain and match on action and a conversation between the two students.
The first scene is going to contain a student running to Anugan complain that Aymen has been talking about his mother.
The second scene will contain Anugan getting really angry – this builds up tension to the audience.
The third scene will show a match on action when Anugan storms out the door and walks down the stairs.
The fourth scene will show Anugan walking towards the classroom where Aymen would be
The fifth scene will show a close up of Anugan’s hand opening the classroom door
The sixth scene will show Anugan from a classroom view from a different camera angle, the same shot will show Anugan getting angry with Aymen
The seventh scene will show the conversation between Aymen and Anugan from a high angle
The eighth scene will show a close up of the conversation
Ninth scene will show a point of view shot from a student’s point of view
Tenth scene will show Anugan going out the classroom and reporting it to a teacher to the head of 6th form

Thursday, 6 October 2011

Hitchcock's The Birds

. Establishing Shot
2. Mid-shot
3. Mid-Long shot (tracking)
4. Low angle mid-shot
5. Mid-shot
6. Mid-shot
7. Close-up
8. Medium Close-up
9. Mid-shot
10. Medium close-up
11. Close-up
12. Medium close-up
13. Long Shot (Point of View shot)
14. Mid-Shot
15. Close-up
16. Medium Close-up
17. Long shot

In the beginning of the scene of the Hitchcock's The Birds, the women walk toward a house and knocks on the house. And then opens the door to go inside the house- the camera goes from a long/median shot to close/mid-shot from the outside of the house when she goes towards the door. When the camera switches when she opens the door, it a median close up shot, this shows good continuity used.

The editing of the video is very simple and gives the audience a good flow and continuity to it. The audience are able to follow what is actually happening in the scene, engaging the audience into the scene making it more realistic on event taking place. For example, when she first enters the house, and it is evident that nobody is home, the characters confusion is also felt by the audience.

First horror/accident video

In class we have started pre-production and production of different clips. Our task was to make an accident video using varies different techniques. We each had to create storyboard for our own scene, and then we chose one to act and shoot. We worked in groups of 3 and we made a storyboard for an accident that has taken place.

For our storyboard we made a horror/accident video because this will link to the final coursework which will be a thriller based movie opening. In this exercise I have learnt different types of camera angles, and different camera movements, for instance low angle mid-shot and long shot (point of view shot). This task was mainly done to get to familiar with the camera equipment’s and with the editing software. After the video was taken I have transferred the videos into the Mac computers and transferred the video to software called final cut express. I put the video's together making sure each video flowed effectively and smoothly, I have also added different effects and music for the video to look more effective. In order for me to make the video look realistic I had to edit and cut some videos.

I have added music to the accident video to add more affect to the audience, by adding a thriller sound track to the video will keep the audience more tensed. I have tried different sound tracks for the accident/horror movie but not every scary instrumental went with the flow of the movie. I have also added different sound effects to the clip to add a more scare to the audience. For example I used a door slamming sound effect when the gate closes.