Monday, 10 October 2011

Preliminary Task Pre-Production

I am working with Anugan and Aymen in a group of 3. We will be making a simple scene, which has a simple storyline but contains many different camera shots and with different angles. The story is a about a student who is insulted by another student from school. And what the student does when he finds out, that his class mate has been talking about his mother.

This video will contain and match on action and a conversation between the two students.
The first scene is going to contain a student running to Anugan complain that Aymen has been talking about his mother.
The second scene will contain Anugan getting really angry – this builds up tension to the audience.
The third scene will show a match on action when Anugan storms out the door and walks down the stairs.
The fourth scene will show Anugan walking towards the classroom where Aymen would be
The fifth scene will show a close up of Anugan’s hand opening the classroom door
The sixth scene will show Anugan from a classroom view from a different camera angle, the same shot will show Anugan getting angry with Aymen
The seventh scene will show the conversation between Aymen and Anugan from a high angle
The eighth scene will show a close up of the conversation
Ninth scene will show a point of view shot from a student’s point of view
Tenth scene will show Anugan going out the classroom and reporting it to a teacher to the head of 6th form

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