Thursday, 6 October 2011

Hitchcock's The Birds

. Establishing Shot
2. Mid-shot
3. Mid-Long shot (tracking)
4. Low angle mid-shot
5. Mid-shot
6. Mid-shot
7. Close-up
8. Medium Close-up
9. Mid-shot
10. Medium close-up
11. Close-up
12. Medium close-up
13. Long Shot (Point of View shot)
14. Mid-Shot
15. Close-up
16. Medium Close-up
17. Long shot

In the beginning of the scene of the Hitchcock's The Birds, the women walk toward a house and knocks on the house. And then opens the door to go inside the house- the camera goes from a long/median shot to close/mid-shot from the outside of the house when she goes towards the door. When the camera switches when she opens the door, it a median close up shot, this shows good continuity used.

The editing of the video is very simple and gives the audience a good flow and continuity to it. The audience are able to follow what is actually happening in the scene, engaging the audience into the scene making it more realistic on event taking place. For example, when she first enters the house, and it is evident that nobody is home, the characters confusion is also felt by the audience.

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