Thursday, 6 October 2011

First horror/accident video

In class we have started pre-production and production of different clips. Our task was to make an accident video using varies different techniques. We each had to create storyboard for our own scene, and then we chose one to act and shoot. We worked in groups of 3 and we made a storyboard for an accident that has taken place.

For our storyboard we made a horror/accident video because this will link to the final coursework which will be a thriller based movie opening. In this exercise I have learnt different types of camera angles, and different camera movements, for instance low angle mid-shot and long shot (point of view shot). This task was mainly done to get to familiar with the camera equipment’s and with the editing software. After the video was taken I have transferred the videos into the Mac computers and transferred the video to software called final cut express. I put the video's together making sure each video flowed effectively and smoothly, I have also added different effects and music for the video to look more effective. In order for me to make the video look realistic I had to edit and cut some videos.

I have added music to the accident video to add more affect to the audience, by adding a thriller sound track to the video will keep the audience more tensed. I have tried different sound tracks for the accident/horror movie but not every scary instrumental went with the flow of the movie. I have also added different sound effects to the clip to add a more scare to the audience. For example I used a door slamming sound effect when the gate closes.

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